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At Homim we handle every step of the property acquisition process, from investment planning to closing the deal, not forgetting one key issue: mortgage financing where we are experts.

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Property owner support

We draw up a specific plan to make your property stand out from what is on offer on the market and ensure a successful sale in the shortest possible time.

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Property buyer support

We search, find, negotiate and finalise the best option according to your needs.

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Mortgage financing services

You get a mortgage loan with the best conditions, saving you time, money, and worries.

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Why do you choose Homim to sell and buy your house?

Real opinions of our clients

Your real estate coaching

We know that buying or selling a property entails a huge emotional strain, and that is why Homim offers real estate coaching services.

This innovative form of support means that our experts will accompany you throughout the whole buying or selling process in order to ensure that it is tailored to your personal situation. Our main objective is to see your wishes and dreams come true.

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Smart mortgage

The time has come for you to have a Smart Mortgage that evolves with you and adapts to your needs.

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